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Color Glass Filter

  Applications: Due to its selective absorption in visible wavelength range, color glass filter will exhibit various color depending the glass type. Color glass filter provides an economical filter for various applications. Optical glass filters are widely used in safety glasses, industrial measurement, regulation technology and environment protection.  
    Yellow glass  
    Orange glass  
    Red and black glass, IR transmitting  
    Black blue glasses, ultraviolet transmitting  
    Colorless glass with high transmission in the visible and absorption in the IR range (heat protection filters)  
    Neutral glass with uniform attenuation in the visible range  
  Color Glass Filter    
  Diameter Tolerance +0.0/-0.2mm    
  Clear Aperture >90%    
  Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm    
  Surface Quality 80/50 scratch and dig    
  Flatness <2λ@632.8nm    
  Parallelism <5 arc min